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The Troubadour's Inn- The Hapless Cenloryan

A message to all who purchased copies of Dark Storm Rising the weekend of September 12th and 13th: Unfortunately the books are still on back order. Please continue to be patient as I wait for them to come in. It should be next week. Thank you all so much for your support and I hope you enjoy the book once it is finally in your hands.


Tracy Chowdhury and Ted Crim

New Book: The Troubadour's Inn- The Hapless Cenloryan

The Troubadour's Inn- The Hapless Cenloryan

The Troubadour's Inn- The Hapless Cenloryan is a collection of short stories, poetry, and art from around Shandahar, focusing on many of the characters in the novels.

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Embers at Dawn

Shadow Over Shandahar: Embers at Dawn

Embers at Dawn, the fifth novel in the Shadow Over Shandahar series, is now available.

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Sheri and Armond by Carol Phillips

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Dark Storm Rising

World of Shandahar
and Loconeal Publishing Merger

Dark Storm Rising

Echoes of Time

Whispers of Prophecy

Finally, the update everyone has been waiting for . . . the World of Shandahar and Loconeal Publishing merger!!!

For over a year now, both Ted and I have been working on re-mastering the Shadow over Shandahar duology: Child of Prophecy and Warrior of Destiny. The reason? We were picked up by a small-press publisher!

Yes! After almost seven years of self publishing, James Barnes brought the World of Shandahar aboard his author team. Now, it's not just Ted and I, but a host of other dedicated individuals to help make our books the best they can be!

Once the merger was complete, a few decisions were made for the books. One of those was to take the Shadow Over Shandahar duology and make it into a series of smaller volumes. This was a wonderful opportunity, giving us the chance to continue our original story, a story that had already been developed in preparation for the upcoming Dark Mists of Ansalar series.

Beginning in March 2011, we began our epic endeavor. Shadow Over Shandahar now has four volumes with two more in the works. The original story hasn't been changed. However, all of the typos have been corrected, the rough spots smoothed over, the redundancies removed, a gorgeous map put in place of the old one, AND four awesome pieces of artwork inside every book!

I am VERY PROUD to present the new Shadow Over Shandahar series! So many people have worked on this project to make it a success. Special thanks go to James Barnes for his beautiful interior design work, and to Carol Phillips and Lindsay Archer for their awesome cover and interior artwork. More thanks to Jennifer Midkiff for her editing and constructive criticism. Without it we might still have some of those typos and redundancies! Last but definitely not least . . . thanks to all our fans who have enjoyed the books these past years! Without their support, the World of Shandahar would have ceased existing a long time ago.

2011 marked the beginning of a new era for the World of Shandahar! 2012 will see the product of our labors! Let's make it the best it can be!

-Tracy Chowdhury

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T.R. Chowdhury and T.M. Crim
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