Adrianna Serine Darnesse

Adrianna Darnesse

Mother: Gemma Farwyn
Father: Thane Darnesse
Birthplace: the city of Sangrilak within the realm of Torimir
Siblings: Sheridana (twin sister) and Gareth (older brother)
Race: half-faelin (faelin heritage contains both Hinterlean and Savanlean descent . . . human bloodline is recondian)

Appearance: long curly pale blonde hair, pale gold skin tone, slightly canted dark brown eyes
Profession: magic-user/spell-caster
Abilities: primary Talent, future-sense, faelin sight and hearing
Skills: beast-riding, swimming, reading and writing in Common, Hinterlean, Savanlean and Cimmerian, spellcraft, intermediate quarterstaff use, dancing

Description: At the beginning of the first book, she is young and less naïve than she seems.  Childhood experiences have made her fearful and lacking in self-confidence.  Yet, she has a striking beauty that bids others pause, and a charisma that draws people to her.  She has seen her fair share of heart-ache, and it isn't until Dinim, and then eventually Sirion, begin to break down her weary barriers that she starts to find inner strength.

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