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Tracy R. Chowdhury

Tracy R. Chowdhury was born in the small town of Tunkhannock Pennsylvania in 1975. The oldest of five siblings, she spent much of her childhood in imaginary play, always fascinated by the possibility of magic and intrigued by dragons, fairies, unicorns, and other mystical things. Even at a very young age she was interested in writing.

In 1998 Tracy graduated from the Miami University with a degree in Zoology and later the same year she married her husband, Abdul Gaffar. For a while she worked at the Cincinnati Zoo, and then later for the University of Cincinnati in cancer research. However, throughout the years she never lost interest in writing.

In 2000 Tracy began writing in earnest. With ideas taken from an AD&D campaign mastered by her good friend, Ted Crim, she developed a story that took her over five years to write. Shadow Over Shandahar – Child of Prophecy was published in 2005. The second installment of the duology, Warrior of Destiny, was published in 2007.

Since then, Tracy and her co-author have written the first novel in the second duology, Dark Mists of Ansalar – Blood of Dragons, a story that takes place approximately thirty years after the first duology. Last year, Tracy's first short story was published in the anthology, Missing Pieces – Volume 1, a tale that takes place during the time gap between the two duologies. This year another short story will be published in Missing Pieces - Volume 2 and also takes place during the same time period.

Tracy currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, four children, and sphynx cat.

Ted Mark Crim

Ted M. Crim was born the oldest of three children in Cincinnati Ohio. As a young boy, he remembers being quite the adventurer, but it wasn't until he was about thirteen that he became introduced to the world of Dungeons and Dragons. He was in the seventh grade, it was his first campaign, and it fascinated him. Very quickly it became a hobby, and for several more years he played in various other campaigns with a good group of friends.

When Ted graduated high school, he realized he had a knack for handling animals. For a few years he worked at the Cincinnati Zoo, but after a while decided to broaden his horizons. It was in 1998, while working as a technician for a veterinary clinic, that he met Tracy Chowdhury. He found they had a lot in common, and it wasn't long before they became friends. She enjoyed Dungeons and Dragons as well, and they began gaming together. Soon after, Tracy began writing down the details of the adventure as they happened in role-play, and several years later the first novel was published.

Currently Ted continues to reside in Cincinnati and lives with his younger sister. He enjoys being the male role model for her three children, two nieces and a nephew. Every year he attends the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival and the Ohio Renaissance Festival in order to sell the books he helped to develop. He is also working on making the World of Shandahar into an RPG all its own. One day he even hopes to see the books made into film.

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