Dinim Dimitri Coabra

T.R. Chowdhury and T.M. Crim

Mother: Chaladris Coabra
Father: unknown
Birthplace: undetermined
Siblings: Paldrien (older brother)
Race: Cimmerean faelin

Appearance: long black hair with a streak of silver, pale skin tone, lavender eyes
Profession: dimensionalist spell-caster
Abilities: primary Talent, faelin sight and hearing
Skills: basic beast-riding, swimming, intermediate quarterstaff use, advanced sword-play, reading and writing in Cimmerean, Savanlean and Common, spellcraft, arcane lore, knowledge of ancient languages

Description: Having been apprenticed under one of the greatest sorcerers who has ever lived, he enters the story with his own share of power. With Sirion and the original band of Wildrunners, he has already begun his fight against the vast tide of evil that has begun to permeate Shandahar. But then he meets Adrianna, and his focus begins to shift. As he becomes entwined within his feelings for her, he begins to waver and fall. He loses faith in her . . . and ultimately himself. It isn't until they are separated that he is able to regain his footing and step up to be the man he was always meant to be.

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