Lindsay Archer

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Lindsay Archer

From an early age, Lindsay declared that she was going to be an artist. After seeing her grandfather's regret at not pursuing his talent, she vowed to use her gift. In elementary school she made copies of her early work with her father's xerox copier and sold them for change to buy ice cream. During her high school years she continued her entrepreneurial endeavors by sculpting figurines, painting t-shirts, and painting other items to sell at Pow Wows.

In 1999, Lindsay graduated with honors from The Art Institute of Atlanta and returned to her hometown in search of work. There she worked for an advertising company known as Third Wave Digital until she took a teaching position at Macon Technical College, where she taught art and originated their 3D program.

After observing other successful artists, Lindsay took the big leap in the fall of 2003. Traveling to conventions around the country, selling and promoting her artwork along with those of other artists, Lindsay emerged on the fantasy/sci-fi scene. In 2004 Lindsay was one of Larry Elmore's first art camp students, and what she learned took her work to the next level.

Not long afterward, Lindsay began illustrating for Margaret Weis Productions, and her artwork was featured in role-playing such as the Serenity RPG, DragonLance RPG, Battlestar Galactica RPG, and the Supernatural RPG. Through the years she has been prolific in both illustration and her own fantasy artwork.

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