Oliver Wetter

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Oliver Wetter

Oliver Wetter is a German artist and a web citizen. He is a networker and creates worlds out of briefings; his solution oriented work attitude leads to great visual appeal.

After graduating in Airbrush-design 2007 at the Arts Center IBKK in Bochum/Germany, he has specialized in creating compelling book cover art, editorials, and genre art - preferably character driven and portrait related.

Since then he has worked for big publishing houses and enjoys to collaborate directly with authors and creatives. Oliver is published in magazines like Heavy Metal and ImagineFX, and annual artbooks from Ballistic Publishing and Ilex Press. In his spare time he runs a successful blog about art marketing.

Currently, Fantasio Fine Arts is located in Germany, but virtually connected with international talent to collaborate on projects if required. Oliver is experienced with conducting working relationships via phone and email; his mother tongue is German but he speaks and writes English fluently.

His diverse body of work is the result of different demands, and the conviction that boredom hardly leads to remarkable results.