James O. Barnes

Author, Publisher, Teacher,
Amateur Archaeologist

James O. BarnesJames is the author of Thief King, a historical fantasy novel, and numerous short stories. He is also the managing editor and publisher for Loconeal Publishing. As a writer, publisher, teacher, speaker, amateur archaeologist, outdoor enthusiast, and father (Whew! Not always in that order), James is kept very busy and that’s just the way he likes it.

Growing up in the Ohio River Valley region, James learned to dream and tell stories along the banks of the Ohio River. He continues to teach, dream, and tell stories as he has for most of his life. These skills have seen him through a background in education and a Masters degree in Ancient and Classical History. He has learned much in life and writing from a host of jobs too numerous to count.

Currently, James is working on Imposter, his second Book of Orenck.


Company Bio:

Loconeal Publishing is an independent small-press publisher located in Amherst, Ohio. They support and promote authors, artists, and artisans, both locally and nationally. Loconeal is a multi-genre publisher with a focus on fantasy and science fiction. They publish novellas, novels, graphic novels, anthologies, non-fiction and education materials.

In addition, Loconeal Publishing provides services through their Trade Services Program. These services include Business Trade Services intended for business, education, and non-profit organizations. Loconeal can help organizations publish manuals, pamphlets, catalogues, or even books for the purpose of employee or consumer education and fundraising. If desired, these publications can even be made available to a much wider market through their distribution system. The Author Services program is intended for independent authors and artists wishing to enhance their manuscripts through editing, illustrations, cover design, or eBook conversion. To learn more about these programs please check out their information pages on this website.

For additional information regarding Loconeal Publishing, please check out our website at www.loconeal.com or send an email to info@loconeal.com.

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