Sheridana Valyrie Darnesse

Sheridana Darnesse

Mother: Gemma Farwyn
Father: Thane Darnesse
Birthplace: the city of Sangrilak within the realm of Torimir
Siblings: Adrianna (twin sister) and Gareth (older brother)
Race: half-faelin (faelin heritage contains both Hinterlean and Savanlean descent . . . human bloodline is recondian)

Appearance: long dark brown hair usually made into a braid, pale gold skin tone, slightly canted dark blue eyes
Profession: fighter
Abilities: faelin sight and hearing
Skills: beast-riding, swimming, intermediate quarterstaff use, specialized sword use, advanced archery, reading and writing in Common, hunting and setting snares

Description: At the beginning we see her as a single mother struggling with her new responsibilities in the life. She is tormented by her final moments with the child's father, who suffered a hideous death before she even realized she was pregnant. When she meets back up with her sister, things seem to be coming back together for her again. Yet, when she realizes the threat to her and her and her family, she realizes that she must make a choice. She can take refuge with her daughter in Elvandahar, or she can once more take up her sword and be the warrior she was born to be.

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