Tales From The World of Shandahar:
The Short Stories That Fit In Between

A Simple Twist Of Fate

This story was the most difficult to write. Not only because it was the first one Tracy had ever written, but because of the time travel element involved. It focuses on Sydonnia Timberlyn a character that arrives in the spotlight more fully in the third installment of the Shadow Over Shandahar series. In Whispers of Prophecy, Adrianna unintentionally goes back in time and alters the course of key historical events. As such, Sydonnia's story is remade and an alternate reality created. The event that changes Sydonnia's life is the same in both realities, but it is his response to that event that is different from one reality to the next. This story can be found in Missing Pieces- Volume I and Locothology: Tales of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Breath of Life

This story was one that was most driven by emotion. It focuses on Tianna Solanar, a woman who was terribly wounded in the final battle between our heroes and the dread necromancer, Aasarak. For over a decade she has been rendered childless as a result of her injuries, and is believed to be barren. When she realizes she has finally conceived a child with her husband Triath, she is overcome with a joy that is short lived. The pregnancy slowly begins to kill Tianna, and her dearest friends must find a way to save her and the baby. This story can be found in Missing Pieces- Volume II.


This story has parts written in the point of view of an animal! It focuses on Sirion Timberlyn as a much younger man, and how he met Dramati, the corubis that was destined to become his lifelong companion. The reader gets a glimpse inside the mind of the animal and how the corubis modified the structure of their culture around the faelin with whom they have chosen to share their lives. The short version of this story can be found in Time Traveled Tales, the 2012 anthology produced by Origins Game Fair. The unabridged version can be found in Missing Pieces- Volume III.

Don't Wake Me Up

This story was also a difficult one to develop. Not only was it written in first person, but the subject material was of a darker nature. It focuses on Adrianna Darnesse, the main female character in the Shadow Over Shandahar series, and her response to the brutal attack she endured on her journey to the mystical city of Andahye. It was written specifically for the anthology called Triumph Over Tragedy, a collection that was put together in response to the dreadful aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. All the proceeds from the sale of the book were donated to the American Red Cross. This story can be found in Triumph Over Tragedy.

Cheshire Moon

This story was the most enjoyable to write. It focuses on two characters that haven't been written about before, Renay Jelinek and Robert Wynn. Imagine an Earth that is dying, an Earth where storms run rampant, the skies are darker and the climate cooler. Imagine an earth that is being devastated by an invasion... not an alien invasion, but an invasion of things that have always been the stuff of hell and nightmares. Demons. Because of her inborn abilities, Renay is pivotal in mankind's battle against the threat. Robert is the one who was assigned to keep her alive. This story can be found in Heroes!, the 2013 anthology produced by Origins Game Fair.


This was the first story to be written about some of the characters from the Dark Mists of Ansalar series. It focuses of Jezibel Pyratt and Cervantes Conradi, the dynamic duo that make their debut in the first installment of the series, Blood of Dragons. The tale is one from their earlier days before Cervantes becomes the captain of his own ship, before their lives are irrevocably changed by the unfortunate events that later unfold. Jezibel feels somewhat undignified living in the shadow of Cervantes' charm and charisma and the story tells how she finally recognizes her own worth. This story can be found in Missing Pieces- Volume 4.

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