Sirion Timberlyn

Sirion Timberlyn

Mother: Lilandria of Kleyshes
Father: Servial Timberlyn
Birthplace: the domain of Kleyshes within the realm of Elvandahar
Siblings: Anyanka (younger sister)
Race: Hinterlean faelin

Appearance: shoulder-length dark red hair, golden skin tone, amber eyes
Profession: ranger
Abilities: faelin sight and hearing, weather-sense
Skills: beast-riding, swimming, advanced quarterstaff use, advanced sword-play, intermediate archery, hunting, tracking, and fishing, reading and writing Hinterlean and Common, advanced forest survival, intermediate hand-to-hand combat

Description: At the beginning we see him as a rugged, battle-weary ranger with little thought to anything but his immediate profession. But when he sees Adrianna again, his world is thrown out of whack. He had always harbored an unspoken passion for her, and when he and his sister rescue her from the underground temple, it seems to bring the meaning of his life into sharp relief. He is a being with an uncharacteristically animalistic nature and is heavily reliant upon only himself and the instincts deep within him. As he begins to fall in love with Adria, he realizes that she is the element in his life that has always been missing.

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